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Defending Charges Both On And Off Campus

College is an exciting time in a young person’s life. But for many students, living away from home for the first time can prove to be overwhelming. A momentary lapse of judgment or a rash decision blurred by alcohol can have severe consequences.

A criminal conviction can quickly dim the promise of a once-bright future. Students charged with crimes not only face criminal penalties, but also sanctions within the university system, including possible expulsion.

Samuelson Law is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, just blocks from the Colorado State University campus (see a map of our location). Over the course of his career, Derek Samuelson has successfully defended hundreds of college students not only from CSU but all over the country against a multitude of charges such as:

Defending Criminal Charges And University Disciplinary Proceedings

At Samuelson Law, we not only defend students in criminal proceedings, but we also help them navigate the administrative maze of university disciplinary hearings. Mr. Samuelson has extensive experience working with the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services at CSU to keep students from being suspended or expelled.

We understand that a criminal conviction places both a student’s education and future job prospects in jeopardy. We appreciate the heightened need to keep a student’s criminal record clean so that he or she can graduate and go forward in life without the burden of a criminal conviction.

We also realize that a criminal charge puts the parents of a college student in the difficult position of trying to balance the need to teach accountability with the need to protect their son or daughter’s future. Accordingly, we take a comprehensive approach to dealing with what is hopefully a one-time venture into the criminal justice system.

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