DUI/DWAI Defense Lawyer – Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley (Larimer And Weld Counties)

In the aftermath of an arrest for drinking and driving (DUI, DWI, DUI per se, DUI-D or DWAI), it can be very difficult to know how to act in your best interests. Your reputation, your driver’s license and potentially your job are on the line. You have to work to survive and support your family. However, you have to be able to drive in order to work.

At Samuelson Law, we understand just how important your driver’s license is to you. We will tackle your case head on and take the steps necessary to give your case every opportunity for success.

When it comes to drinking and driving charges, the battle must be waged on two fronts: in the criminal courts and at the Department of Revenue, commonly referred to as the DMV. We will vigorously represent you in both sets of proceedings. But to do that, it is critically important that you contact an attorney at the beginning of your case because drinking and driving cases are time-sensitive matters. In fact, the DMV will automatically suspend your driver’s license UNLESS you make a timely request for a hearing.

Once we are on your case, we will closely scrutinize all aspects of your case. Among other things, we will assess whether:

  • the police had adequate grounds to pull you over
  • the police had probable cause to ask you to take a breath or blood test
  • the roadside maneuvers were conducted properly
  • you were fully and properly advised by the police of the Express Consent Law
  • the intoxilyzer machine was functioning properly and the person operating it was qualified to do so
  • the blood or breath or drug test conformed to the Department of Health’s rules and regulations
  • there is evidence that suggests you are not guilty in spite of the chemical test result, e.g. you were not the driver or consumed alcohol or drugs after the driving incident

Drunk driving cases can be very complicated. Frequently, a DUI and DWAI case will rise or fall based on the conduct of police and whether proper procedures were followed or ignored. Legal nuances can literally make or break the government’s case against you.

Colorado has some of the harshest drinking and driving penalties in the country. Look no further than the legislator’s implementation of mandatory minimum jail sentence and creation of a felony crime for fourth offenses. With so much at stake, it is critically important to have the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of DUI law and who will passionately and zealously advocate your case. Do not let a DUI/DWI or DWAI arrest ruin your life. Count on the trial-tested experience of Samuelson Law. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.