Sealing And Expunging Criminal Records In Larimer And Weld Counties

The lingering effect of a criminal record can make it very difficult to find work, achieve professional licensure, obtain security clearance, or gain admission to college or graduate school. At a time where criminal background checks have become the norm, too many people continue to suffer the stigma of a felony or misdemeanor arrest long after their case was dismissed or their sentence was successfully completed.

At Samuelson Law, we strongly believe that a past mistake, false allegation, or wrongful arrest should not forever limit a person’s future. Thankfully, the law permits eligible citizens to petition to the Court to permanently seal criminal records from public view. Generally speaking, you may be eligible to seal your arrest or criminal record if:

· You were found Not Guilty at trial;

· Your case was dismissed prior to trial;

· You successfully completed a diversion agreement with the District Attorney;

· You successfully completed a deferred judgment and your case was dismissed at the conclusion of your probationary period;

· You were convicted of a drug crime that did not involve distribution or possession with intent to distribute and the requisite waiting period has passed; or

· You were convicted of a petty offense or municipal violation and the requisite waiting period has passed.

You are not out of luck just because your case does not fall into one of the above-listed categories. On August 3, 2019, House Bill 19-1275 took effect and increased eligibility for people to seal criminal records. Under the new law, more people qualify than ever before to have their records sealed. See HB 19-1275.

At Samuelson Law, we are proud to help clients put the past permanently in the rear view mirror so that they can make a fresh start, live in the present, and plan for the future without the worry of an old criminal record rearing its ugly head. We also assist clients in expunging juvenile records and adjudications.

If you need help with a petition to seal a criminal record or a motion to expunge a juvenile adjudication, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Do not stand at the bar of justice alone. Count on the trial-tested experience of Samuelson Law.