Juvenile Defense Lawyer – Larimer And Weld Counties

When the police contact your child in connection with a criminal investigation, it can be very difficult to know what to do as a parent. On the one hand, parents typically want to teach their children to take responsibility for their mistakes. On the other hand, most parents realize that all kids make mistakes and are rightly reluctant to throw their child “to the wolves.”

At Samuelson Law, we are sensitive to the balance that parents must strike between instilling accountability in their children and protecting them from the long-term consequences that result from a juvenile conviction or adjudication. We are proud to counsel families confronting such challenges and prouder still to defend young people charged with crimes or delinquent acts.

If your child has been arrested for (or is under investigation for) a crime or delinquent act, it is important that he or she be treated fairly and that his or her legal rights be enforced in court. It is equally important that they not be judged solely by the worst mistake they have ever made.

Do not assume that your child will receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist simply because of their age. Children caught in the juvenile justice system can face lengthy incarceration and under certain circumstances can even be charged as adults and imprisoned in the state penitentiary. Beyond incarceration, children accused of delinquent acts all too often face expulsion from school, loss of driving privileges, and can even be disqualified from receiving federal student loans.

It is usually in a young person’s best interest to have the assistance of an experienced criminal defense specialist when facing a criminal prosecution. At Samuelson Law, we take the responsibility of protecting your child very seriously. We strive to minimize the adverse impacts that a juvenile crime has on our young clients so that they may learn from their mistakes and mature into honest and productive adults. To that end, we can also assist young people in the expunging or sealing their criminal records so that they can go forward in life without the fear of a youthful mistake rearing its ugly head and spoiling future educational or career opportunities.

If your son or daughter has been charged with a crime, contact Samuelson Law to schedule a free consultation.