White Collar Crime Attorney – Larimer and Weld Counties

The prosecution of financial or white collar crimes has become increasingly more common, especially in state court. Matters that were once exclusively litigated in civil court or through regulatory processes now frequently result in aggressive criminal investigation and prosecution. In northern Colorado alone, the Colorado Attorney General, the Larimer County District Attorney, and the Weld County District Attorney all now have sophisticated financial crimes units that work closely with law enforcement agencies, including the Northern Colorado Financial Crimes Task Force.

Today, more than ever, a business person targeted in a white collar criminal investigation requires defense counsel with the depth of experience necessary to combat complex criminal prosecution. At Samuelson Law, we represent people in grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions initiated by both state and federal agencies. We defend people charged with or under investigation for:

  • Financial fraud/ Securities fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud/ Healthcare fraud/ Wire or mail fraud
  • Accounting Fraud/ Embezzlement/ Money Laundering
  • Theft
  • Internet or Computer crimes
  • COCCA/ RICO violations
  • Official Misconduct

While the frequency and intensity of white collar prosecutions may have increased in recent years, the fact remains that nearly all such crimes require that the prosecution prove fraud, deceit, misappropriation, misrepresentation, or material omission. In other words, regardless of the charge, all white collar prosecutions require that the government prove that the accused conducted his or her business in a dishonest fashion.

At Samuelson Law, we recognize that investments and business transactions are never without risk in a free market economy. We recognize that just because an investment or business deal fails does not mean that a crime has been committed. Likewise, just because a contract has been breached does not mean that a case should end up in criminal court or that the defaulting or delinquent party should go to jail or prison.

For that reason, Attorney Derek Samuelson vigorously defends white collar cases. He has demonstrated a willingness and ability to take allegations of white collar crime to trial and won acquittals for clients in complex financial matters. That being said, not all clients are best served by going to trial. Mr. Samuelson provides straightforward advice to clients about the risks and benefits of trial and when the circumstances dictate, aims to reduce the damage caused by criminal prosecution so that a favorable settlement can be achieved.

Whether your case is best served by trial or diplomacy, our experience can help you navigate the difficult and often overwhelming process of criminal investigation and prosecution. If you are facing a white collar investigation or prosecution, do not stand at the bar of justice alone. Count on the trial-tested experience of Samuelson Law. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.